My first type of formal training came at Cal State Northridge, known as one of the best broadcasting schools in the country.  At the television station, I learned to be comfortable in front of the camera while delivering various news stories. After college, I worked at various Los Angeles cable stations as a host, anchor and reporter. There I learned interviewing, teleprompter and live shot skills. During this time I also did private coaching with Arthur Joseph. I also did some acting after college, and studied with names like Jeff Corey and David Lehman. Following college, I left Los Angeles and embarked on a nearly twenty year news career. During that time, I worked with a number of consultants on delivery and other types of skills including how to read a teleprompter naturally.  Since resuming my acting career, I have studied with well known Oklahoma casting directors and actors: Michelle Delong and Chris Friehofer,

Voice-Over Artist / On-Camera Talent