Voice-Over Client Samples

My client list has been growing steadily over the years, and continues to do so. Some  include: Pizza Hut, The Urban League, Edge Studios, The Cleaning Authority, Springer E-Books, MOOYAH Burgers, Via Christi Retirement Villages, The Urban League, KWLS Radio, KSN-TV, Southwestern College, The Butler County Sheriff’s Office, DeVaughn/James Attorneys, Attorney Brad Pistonik, Adams Car Sales, Several Guys Productions, Wiley Ray and The Big O Band, Apples and Arrows Advertising, TredAgain Footwear, Clabaugh Media, UST Global, IG1 Productions,  KPTS-TV, York Gary Autoplex, RKC Media, CurveBreak Video Productions, Durashield Company, Visibility Optics, JP Weigand and Sons Realty, Goodwill, Global Outreach, Furman Pictures, SM Madeiras Hardwood Floors, Studio Xfinity, Philly Post, High Five Media, American Propane, All Angles Auto Repair, Big CornerCreative, Quantix/Aerovironment, Dentworks of Colorado Springs, MBDX Creative, BES Studios, Lemonlight Media, Netflix, Warehouse Twenty One, Penguin Random House.

I also am fortunate to work with some exceptional agencies, including: Stars Agency in San Francisco, Heyman Talent in Louisville, Agent 99 in Montana, Celia Siegel Management in Minneapolis, Magna Talent in Oklahoma City, Lori Lins in Chicago, Exposure Model and Talent in Kansas City, The Gregory Agency in Wichita,  The Peak Agency in Des Moines, NOW Talent Management in Saint Louis.

I will be happy to furnish a complete list of client samples  upon request.  Below are some samples of my work. I think you will hear a wide variety of deliveries, everything from a straight forward sound, to a movie trailer type delivery for a wedding video.

Some of the styles that are used to describe my voice include: Approachable, articulate, authentic, authoritative, believable, blue collar, calming, casual, comforting, commanding, confident, corporate, conversational, deep, educated, emotional, folksy, friendly, genuine, informative, intelligent, intellectual, knowledgeable, laid back, low pitched, natural, personal, professional, relaxed, reassuring, sincere, sympathetic, strong, thoughtful, trustworthy, versatile.

Some of the roles I can play include: Announcer, husband, every man, grandfather, spokesperson, narrator, professor, reporter, story teller, spokesperson, straight man.

Below are some samples of my work. Thanks for listening and watching.

Book Trailer Voice-Over: The Splendid and The Vile:

Explainer Voice-Over: Viking Power Dozer 

Commercial  Voice-Over:  Dentworks of Colorado Springs

Commercial Voice-Over: Jake’s Feed Store

Narration Video Voice-Over: Timucuan Parks Foundation

Explainer Video Voice-Over:  Seventh Generation Cleaners. Courtesy: The Video Alchemists. 

Corporate Narration Voice Over : Dynamic Jet Charter 

Commercial Video Voice Over: Ideal Feet

Corporate Narration Voice-Over:  UST Global Project Wright 

Narration Voice-Over: Gospel Outreach 

Commercial Voice-Over: American Propane Grills 

Corporate Narration Voice-Over: UST Global 

Commercial Voice-Over: Visibility Optics 

Commercial Voice-Over: VisitWichita.com 

YouTube Video Voice-Over: Role of Newscaster in Political Spoof 

Website Video Voice-Over: Kansas Mental Health Association 

Commercial Voice-Over: Save The Kechi Playhouse 

Website Video Voice-Over:  Cattle Ranch Listing 

Commercial Voice-Over: York Gary Autoplex

Commercial Voice-Over: VisitWichita.com   

Commercial Voice-Over: VisitWichita.com Radio 

Television Voice-Over: “Positively Kansas” Story on KPTS” (Story starts at 17:36)

Website Video Voice-Over: Inner City Peace Fashions

Website Video Voice-Over: TredAgain Footwear with Clabaugh Media 

Documentary Voice-Over: God and Narrator for religious project with Edge Studio 

Website Video Voice-Over: Roy Orbison Tribute Band/Wiley Ray and The Big O Band 

Website Video Voice-Over: Lyman Web Design

Commercial Voice-Over: Southwestern College 

Television Voice-Over: “Positively Kansas” story on Nine-Year-Old Wichita Girl Guitar Player.  (Story starts at 11:39.)

Commercial Voice-Over: Adams Auto Sales

Website Video: Sheriff Kelly Herzet

“Positively Kansas”

The Cleaning Authority: 2016 Rookie of The Year  Nominee

The Cleaning Authority: 2016 Resale of The Year  Nominee

The Cleaning Authority: 2016 Franchisee of The Year  Nominee

Springer E-Books

MOOYAH Burgers George Straight Concert Promo 

Wedding Celebration Movie Trailer 

Fisher Lumber

Gallery Expressions Showroom

Urban League: YEP

Urban League: Workforce

Urban League: Housing

Urban League: Filling the Gap

Real Estate 

Nursing educational DVD:

Air Capital Bail Bonds:

Via Christi Village Retirement Community 

Via Christi Village: Ridge

Via Christi Village: McLean

Via Christi Village: Georgetown

Via Christi Village: Catholic Care

Via Christi Village: Broadmoor

Voice-Over Artist / On-Camera Talent